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المفاهيم المعمارية الحديثة والتشكيل المعماري المعاصر للمسجد

يركز البحث من خلال منهجيته القائمة على <br /> <br /> إلى تحليل Logical Reasoning المدلول المنطقي<br /> <br /> النظريات والاراء حول ادراك ومدلول الشكل<br /> <br /> والتشكيل البصري للمفردات المعمارية في انتاج<br /> <br /> التكوين المعماري لمبنى المسجد دون الدخول في<br /> <br /> التطور التاريخي لمبنى المسجد.

The Bibi Khanum Mosque in Samarqand: Its Mongol and Timurid Architecture

The great imperial ruler Timur1(r. 1370–1405), one of the few mortals to give their name to an architectural style, embodies the epitome of Eurasian identity. Through political and military activity Timur created a vast empire that extended from India to Anatolia in the fourteenth-fifteenth centuries. He chose Samarqand, “the city of domes” and important trading hub along the Silk Road, as his capital.


Sacred Light

Light is one of Allah’s (God) greatest creations. Because of light we can see and perceive the beauty of nature and get inspirations to invent, build and even to write. Without light there will be no life.

Spatial Organizations of Urban Mosques in Klang Valley, Malaysia: Case Studies

Klang Valley is the most populated region in Malaysia so the development of the urban mosques in the region has grown rapidly as to serve the Muslim communities and at the same time to reciprocate with the increase of the Muslim population in the region.