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Les musulmans en Amérique Latine et aux Caraibes.

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Raymond Delval

The Muslim presence in South America is very poorly known. This dense and well-documented book comes at the right time, providing a body of accurate knowledge about the Muslims who play an important role in Latin America and the Caribbean. A historical presentation traces the Islamic expansion through the different migrations from African slaves introduced by the slave trade, to Asian labor and Arabs leaving the Near East under the pressure of contemporary events. The presence and current activities of Muslims are studied in each of the regions of the Americas: from the Caribbean (including the French overseas departments) to Brazil and Spanish America. Considerable differences exist between Caribbean Islam and Latin American Islam. The Muslims of the Caribbean area (Surinam, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago) of Asian (Indian or Indonesian) origin show vitality and dynamism because of their numerical importance, their ancient and structured organization, and their English-speaking linguistic unity. Latin American Islam proper, of Arab origin, with the large Brazilian Portuguese-speaking community and the diasporas of Spanish-speakers, faces the linguistic obstacle despite the help of Arab countries.