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Risala furniture – A leading supplier of Mosque Carpets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Risala furniture – A leading supplier of Mosque Carpets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  

Risala furniture is one of the largest and leading importers of the Mosque Carpets in Dubai. Our Mosque Carpets are individually shaped for prayers on broadloom that are 100% heat set Polypropylene. All our carpets are authorized by the fire department without any delays.  

Our Mosque carpets are look wise very beautiful as they are specially designed or woven by our expert technician with extreme durability characteristics. Our mosque carpets are well designed and are available in all types. These carpets are comfortable to walk on. Mosque are places where the area is very large hence for when these flooring areas are covered with these carpets then they look stunningly beautiful and eye catching which also gives you a mind piece. Carpets available at are made from the finest quality of materials and vary in terms of colors, sizes, shapes, fabric and materials. 


Features of Mosque carpets at  

1. Mosque carpets at Risala has woven by strong yarn.  

2. These carpets are easy to clean can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner or by simple booming.  

3. Color would not have faded.   

4. Designed by skilled technician according to the mosque interior.  

5. Highly durable and affordable.  



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