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Brazilian popular architecture (Arquitetura popular brasileira)

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Gunter Weimer



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WMF Martins Fontes

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In the teaching of architecture in Brazil, only erudite architecture is valued. This materializes in long disciplines about the history of European architecture, whose principles would give the necessary background so that our production could aspire to the status of a worthy art. Even today, without the inspiration of the fleeting stars of the so-called post-modern architecture, we would continue to be relegated to the backwardness. The obsession to imitate the latest fashions of international architecture made us forget our own navel. Especially when it comes to popular architecture. Few nations have had such a diverse cultural background as ours, which means a wide variety of building legacies. More than this, the continental dimensions of the country, with its great diversity of climates and ecosystems, propitiated multiple adaptations of the models brought by immigrants from Arctic Russia, the African coast and countercoast, to, of course, the most diverse European countries. Among these adaptations, we cannot forget the Muslim ones, which were bequeathed to us by the colonizers. It is this virgin universe that this work intends to explore.