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Architectural construction as a reflection of the Arab immigration to Brazil

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The present research aims to analyze the importance of the representation of Arab culture in the city of São Paulo through the study of its five main mosques, intending to contribute in the identification of the material manifestations of this culture for the urban identity, in which the tangible and intangible values of the heritage are combined. The research comprises the analysis of the historical construction of the mosque, emphasizing its importance for the Islamic faith and art, the study of the presence of Arab immigrants in the city of São Paulo and their contribution to the construction of the identity of a multicultural city and a more plural society. The typological analysis of the five mosques and the comparison with the traditional typology of this architecture show the permanence of fundamental aspects of the Arab culture in our society, which are also manifested in their presence in the city landscape. The present study also highlights the social importance of the mosque for the Arab community.


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